Poland.Travel: Exceptional Places for Autumn 23 lis

Poland.Travel: Exceptional Places for Autumn

23 lis 2023 12:39

Autumn in Poland is such a beautiful season that it is referred to with a special name: the „Golden Polish Autumn”. It is the perfect time to rediscover both well-known and lesser-known corners of Poland. Dolnośląskie Voivodeship: In Search of Treasures – Czocha Castle.


Any treasure seeker will tell you this is the best time to search for treasures. And where do you go looking for those? Lower Silesia, or the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship! A region full of hidden secrets and legends, with numerous castles and palaces. One of them is the Czocha Castle, which fires up the imagination of every explorer, old or young. This is thanks to the mysterious Ernst Gütschow, who, after buying the castle at the beginning of the 20th century, began its reconstruction. Nothing unusual about that, one might say, but the castle is still dotted with numerous hiding places, secret passages, and hidden chambers! Its underground part is shrouded in mystery to this day. The castle also houses a hotel, so maybe during your stay you will find secret doors leading to Ernst Gütschow’s treasure?

The Czocha Castle is a 13th-century fortress built on a hill overlooking Lake Leśnia in the village of Sucha. The architecture, location, and atmosphere of this castle are truly captivating and exceptional. You can relax within its medieval walls, feel connected to its ancient past and explore the history of the place and the region. As a tourist attraction, this castle offers many experiences for visitors: themed guided tours (also at night!) through historical chambers and secret passages, torture chambers, a curiosity room, and a puzzle room. It is also used for regular events, festivals, and all sorts of cultural and educational meetings. Its geographical location, historical significance, and aura of mystery often make the Czocha Castle a location for various film productions. Come and see it in autumn colours!